• [explaining to my mom my boyfriend and my day.]
  • Me: went to his moms for lunch, went to his house, then we went to the barn and saw you.
  • My mom: wait didn't you mention you slept with him today?
  • Me: well yeah, while we were home.
  • My mom: so you spent time with his mother, ran home and had sex, then met me?
  • Me: well no, we were at his house for two hours, sex was like 30 minutes.
  • My mom: 30 minutes!? I'm impressed.

I’m probably going to go completely insane by the end of this week.


if we’re fucked up you’re to blame

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I hate being reminded that it’s Friday because then I’m reminded that I’m sitting at home like a huge loser.


very strange how u can talk to someone everyday and still miss them

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